Keep Close, Keep Connected with These Fun Virtual Get Together Ideas

Here are some ideas from The Guest Table team to try when you are connecting with family and friends online.

As we all navigate the COVID-19 pandemic in our own way, there’s one thing that is true for all of us: keeping connected to family and friends is important. Not only do frequent virtual check-ins help to ensure that everyone is okay, they will also do wonders for your mental health and well-being.


Here are some ideas from The Guest Table team to try when you are connecting with family and friends online:


  • Rotate the “hosting” duties when you get together. If you have a group of family members or friends that you like to meet with via Zoom or some other videoconferencing system on a regular basis, make one person or household “in charge” of coming up with an activity that you can all enjoy such as a in-home scavenger hunt or trivia contest.


  • Plan to enjoy shared snacks by agreeing in advance what the “Happy Hour Special” is for food and beverages, then all have those on hand for when you meet. You could even share a recipe in advance and see whose version looks the best!


  • Netflix has just released Netflix Party, a browser extension for Google Chrome. Once downloaded, users can host a "party" by inviting others to watch a TV show or movie with them at the same time. Attendees of the Netflix virtual party can also talk via chat box to share their take on that night’s “feature presentation.”


  • If board games are more up your ally, Consider downloading apps to play online versions of games like Monopoly, Clue, or Mario Kart with friends and family. Consider having small prizes for the winners—perhaps a gift card for lunch at a local restaurant that can be used when restaurants are fully open again.


  • Don’t forget about family or friends who aren’t as tech-savvy or who prefer to keep in touch via email or the phone. Make sure to reach out to these folks, too.

COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we are living, but it is important to try to keep a positive attitude and to reach out to others as often as possible. By keeping close and keeping connected, we will all be able to successfully make our way through this pandemic together.

Author: The Guest Table