Five Tips to Take Your Graduation Party from Fun to Fabulous

Have a graduation gathering on the horizon? Start setting your seating arrangements with The Guest Table and use these tips for graduation party ideas.

Graduation season is here! Whether you are celebrating the completion of high school or college, a graduation party is a great way to make the milestone memorable. To take your graduation party from fun to fabulous, follow these tips:

1. Get your grad’s go ahead. While you may think that your graduate is gung-ho to celebrate their achievement with others, it is worth checking in with them to make sure this is the case before you start planning (just in case!).

2. Plan in advance. In addition to helping you remain calm, planning in advance for a graduation party is key to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a great time. Once you have your invitations all set you can start sketching out your event, including setting up a digital seating chart.

3. Notify your neighbors. Even if you aren’t inviting your neighbors to your party, you should let them know if you’re expecting a large group of people, especially if you plan to have them park on the street and stay outside potentially making extra noise.

4. Keep the eats easy. While you don’t want your guests to go hungry, you also don’t want to get too stressed about feeding them. Keep your graduation party meal simple with make ahead finger foods or, if your budget allows, have the party catered with sandwiches or other budget-friendly foods.

5. Plan to entertain. You may expect that your guests will mix and mingle during the graduation party, however, you may need to have a few activities to get the party rolling—or to keep it swinging. Try having cards with Xs and Os or other interactive games on them at each table. A game of cornhole, a photo booth or a selfie station is also a great way to keep guests entertained.

Have a graduation gathering on the horizon? Start setting your seating arrangements with The Guest Table. Be sure to get our app as well for even an even easier way to create your digital seating chart.