The Guest Table – A New Way to Make Sure Guests are Seated & Happy

Seating Plan Convenience & Features for Everyone!


Planning your seating chart and floor plan is no small undertaking.  Couples want to be able to consider the (sometimes endless) needs of their guests while filling the tables of the venue. This leads to a very time consuming and often difficult task. The Guest Table aims to take all the hassle out of the seating plan process with their digital reservation platform.

The days of endless sticky notes and scribbles that you can’t read are gone. Couples can now enjoy planning their seating charts on their computer or mobile phones with this easy to use platform that bridges the gap between technology and functionality.



Seating Plan Convenience & Features for Everyone

Aside from being a seating planner, The Guest Table offers some time-saving features included with every plan:

  • Complete control over the layout of your event. Move tables and amenities with the click of a button.
  • The ability for guests to RSVP directly through the platform is available through the use of a 4 digit pin code.
  • Guests can choose exactly where they would like to sit. Whether it’s right by the dance floor, away from the DJ or close to the bar.
  • Floor plan designs can be shared with virtually anyone including your planner or venue.
  • Easily import your guest list.

The Guest Table Setup Process

We were lucky enough to get an inside look at how it all works and share the experience with our readers. To get a genuine user experience from the platform, we used the details of my upcoming wedding.



After going through a super quick sign up process, you can then choose floor plan size and add in the event details.  We are having 220 guests at our wedding, so the small event size of up to 300 guests was perfect.

Creating the Floor Plan Layout



This was my favorite step! We have a total of 22 guest tables and one sweetheart table. The right side of the room opens to a balcony and is larger than the left. I loved how there was complete freedom to place each table exactly where I wanted.

After publishing the floor plan, I was able to reserve the tables for our immediate family and bridal party. This leaves all the remaining tables open for our guests to choose from.

When our guests log in to select their tables, they will have the ability to pick exactly where they would like to sit based on their preferences. They will also be able to see which seats have already been reserved.

Once everyone has chosen their seat, I can print off the final seating plan and hand it right over to my venue.  Giving them a complete package that includes the layout, food choices and seating preferences.

What plan options are offered?

The Guest Table offers three plans.

Plan 1 – $29.99/1 Event

This is the perfect option if you are just planning a baby shower, anniversary or any other single large scale event.

Plan 2 – $79.99/4 Events

This is the option we recommend for couples who are planning a wedding.  This allows you enough floor plans to cover the engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and wedding all under one subscription.

Plan 3 – $169.99/10 events

Ideal for a wedding or event coordinators, this plan offers the most savings for individuals who will need to frequently create seating plans. This option is also recommended for corporate event planners who plan multiple events requiring very specific seating plans.

All the plans allow for the option to upgrade to more events at any time, so you will always have access to the platform when you need it the most.

A Simple Planning Tool with a Big Impact

There is nothing more indispensable than time when it comes to planning a wedding, and the folks at The Guest Table know that.  That is why they worked so hard to create a platform that simplifies a very complex process.

Set your mind at ease and sign up for The Guest Table here so you can focus on the other important details of your special day. With a dedicated support team, they are there to help you every step of the way as you plan your event seating to perfection!

Many thanks to The Guest Table for sponsoring this post with Glittery Bride. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

Author: Daniella