The New Guest Table Digital Seat Reservation App Empowers Guests and Eliminates Stress for Brides and Event Planners

Planning any large scale event for work or pleasure can be stressful. Easing this stress is the mission of, has recently released a mobile app as an extension of its digital seating chart platform.

Planning any large scale event for work or pleasure can be stressful, with one of the most time-consuming tasks being the seating plan. The process of creating a seating chart for group events such as weddings, graduation celebrations, anniversary parties, and annual meetings is often fraught with stress for many brides, families and professional event planners. Easing this stress is the mission of, which is why the company has recently released a mobile app as an extension of its digital seating chart platform.  

“The Guest Table was founded to help take the stress out of the seating plan process,” said Hilda Awad, owner of Hillcrest Designs, LLC, the company that owns website. "Our own experience with complicated, less than ideal seating arrangements was the inspiration for developing our platform which allows guests to pick their seats at weddings and other events. Now this process is even easier with our mobile app."

The Guest Table’s mobile app is a progressive app, which means it can be easily accessed from a smartphone or tablet without having to be downloaded onto a device (and taking up valuable device memory!). Event guests can simply go to the app ( and log in with their unique 4 digit code to reserve their seats on the seating chart that has been created on website. Once guests have reserved their seats, they and the event host will receive an email confirmation. App users can also contact The Guest Table’s support team through the contact page in the app.

“The addition of The Guest Table mobile app is something that we developed in order to provide an even more convenient and seamless guest experience, especially during the busy wedding season,” commented Awad. “We’ve seen first-hand how the web-based platform has helped event planners, and brides in particular, simplify the seating arrangements for their occasions and now we are helping them reduce the burden of having the perfect seating plan even more with the mobile app.”

Prior to using the app, event hosts must register at and use the platform’s intuitive interface to create a seating chart using simple drag-and drop technology. They can then invite their guests to sign in to an account and select their seats either via the website or on the new mobile app. Event hosts can also block out specific areas where family and friends will be seated.

The platform also makes it easy to share the online seating plan with guests, by either sending a link to the app or by providing a four-digit code that guests can use to access the seating chart via social media or written invitations. In addition, event hosts can add the online address for their seating chart to their event RSVP cards or email, making it easy for guests to sign in and reserve their spots.

Author: The Guest Table